Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forgotten, but not Gone

I have to admit, I actually forgot about this blog. Really completely forgot. I wrote one day and the next day just kind of forgot to write. And continued forgetting. Until now. In the past month, a lot has happened. Too much, really, to blog about. In short, I went to Nashville, I had my 10-year college reunion, I turned 32, we're trying to find long-term care for Lance's dad (very long story) and Lance is working virtually every waking moment.

Rowan is still loving school and is still obsessed with her dolls, particularly the bald one which is still named Clarissa. She tells me nothing about school each day except that she ate a snack and drank juice. She still asks me to tell her a story approximately 100 times a day. She no longer naps. She thinks rhyming words are hysterical. Rowan's idea of a joke: "Knock, knock" "Who's there?" "Horse"
"Horse who?" "Horse Lorse". Cue gleeful laughter.

Tate is loving having a little one-on-one time. He mostly just asks for me to read to him ("reet, reet, Mommy") and picks the books he wants. He also wants to play chase, play ball and find different animals in his room. He hates putting on his coat or having anyone else put on their coats and this all results in a major tantrum. He also hates his high chair, but has fallen out of a regular chair too many times for me to get rid of the high chair quite yet. Tate's favorite word, currently, is Obama and he says it pretty constantly, leaving people to stop me and say "Is your baby saying 'Obama'?" Yes, he is. All the time.

The kids are playing together more and more, which is really Tate just going along with whatever idea Rowan has. Lately they have been taking the couch cushions down and making things--a house, a library, a rocket. Occassionally they'll share a toy, cuddle or work on the magnetic farm together since Tate can't quite get the pieces in just right. I'll catch Rowan saying "Good work, Tate." Or "That was a great choice, Tate", though I'll also catch her pushing him and taking his toys. Tate, for the most part, is just a sweet little thing to Rowan, but today he pulled her hair and I realized that one of these days he's going to have his own opinions and it won't be quite as easy for Rowan.

Despite some of the chaos and the prematurely winter-like conditions, this fall is going well. We're staying pretty busy, sometimes too busy, and are trying to fit in something fun every day (baking, crafting, an outing of some sort). Today's was Trunk or Treat and, after Tate's nap, we'll be stopping by the Family Fun Day at the horse stables nearby and then heading to a Hope picnic, assuming, of course, that I can get Tate's coat on.

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