Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Early Mornings

Lately Tate has decided morning is the best time of day. And when I say morning, I mean early morning. Like 5am morning. Somehow I have been blessed to have a husband who will get up with him and feed him before getting me up. Then I get up and we play. Tate is very into climbing and reading books. So, he climbs onto chairs, tables, beds. Then we read. Generally around 7:30 he wants to be held and is hard to please, so we read for a bit and then he goes down for a nap around 7:45.

Then Rowan gets up. And we play and read and eat. And both kids get quite a bit of one-on-one Mommy time which they love. And, I'll admit, I'd always rather sleep in, but it's kind of nice having a little time with each of them. Tate has been able to choose his own books instead of just listening to the ones Rowan chooses. Rowan has been able to do activities that are too hard to do when Tate is up (like make a fort, do projects with scissors, try to ride her bike).

Hopefully (one day very very soon), Tate will take a hint from his big sister and start sleeping peacefully until 8:00, but until then I'll do my best (with lots of help from Lance) to enjoy these fleeting moments with my wonderful kids.

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